Boston F.I.G. 2018 – A Hidden Gem

Boston F.I.G. 2018 -Small Convention, Big Talent!

Boston Massachusetts, The city that has more Colleges and Universities than most other states have in their entirety. It’s home to world-class schools such as Harvard University, M.I.T., Boston University etc. Boston brag’s some of the most sought after medical facilities in the world. Hospitals such as Mass General, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess and Boston Children’s Hospital. It’s home to championship sports teams, weird accents, clam chowder, PAX EAST. But it is also home to one small hidden gem in the gaming world…… Boston F.I.G. 2018, and HowINerd was there to see it.

Small Convention, Rad People.

The Boston Festival Of Indie Games is housed at the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Is there a better place to showcase new ideas for video and tabletop games than at a school known to be a leader in technology? Upon entrance to the sports complex you are greeted by thousands of excited people. People who have come from the local area to see what is up and coming in the indie gaming world.

Boston is known to have one of the greatest video game\tabletop conventions in the world with PAX EAST, which comes in the first quarter of every year. And a large part of PAX EAST’s floor is dedicated to those in the Indie game industry. So a mid year convention dedicated solely to the indie game genre is a welcoming sight to those who just need that small boost of excitement until the big one comes around.

In all honesty I love the indie gaming world due to the original ideas that come out of that area. Boston F.I.G. 2018 has two floors of excitement to it. The first one being dedicated to the world of tabletop games, and the second floor dedicated to the newest ideas of video games. Between the two of them you are guaranteed to spend a good 4 hours scoping the area out for everything Boston F.I.G. 2018 has to offer. Granted, the entire convention is sitting on an indoor racetrack and gymnasium, but look past that and you will see tons of inventive goodies that will keep you busy for the rest of the day.

Boston F.I.G. 2018 Convention Coverage
Skrewbacca and Nazrac
Boston F.I.G. 2018 Convention Coverage.


Walk past the cosplay parade outside and around the LARP area where people are beating each other up with foam swords and hammers and you will find the main entrance to the first floor. As soon as you walk in you will notice that literally every booth has someone sitting down learning about a game. The great thing about tabletop games is that it brings people together up close and personal.  Rather than playing it digitally from far away, you get that up front and personal experience. About 52 tabletop games were on exhibition at Boston F.I.G. 2018, most of them were brand-new that had not been seen publicly yet.

With that being said, the big names of course were there to strut their stuff and show off new games to the masses. I personally spent two hours in the tabletop area and I tried out many of them, but with the convention being only one day long I was limited on time and on what to experience. I reluctantly walked out and upstairs.


What can I say about this area other than WOW. The ideas that are brought to life in this area are just amazing. I try not to be bias. However, this is where I spent most of my time as a video game fanatic. There was  60 indie games showcased. I had the chance to experience about 30 of them before I ran out of time. The games exhibited were from all genres, and with many variations on graphics style. You had the usual eye opening 4k cinematic game play in one booth. Directly opposite of it there was an 8-bit masterpiece . This game featured up to date sounds that balanced the game out beautifully. The area was well organized, the booths were spread out enough as well. Nobody was standing on top of each other to play a game.

The only downfall was the smell of track and field due to the location it was in. Other than that it was a great set up. Lots of giveaways, t-shirts, hats, and other goodies make it a blast to explore. But again, Boston F.I.G. 2018 is a one day event so each booth was only given a short period of time for an experience. But it is well worth it.


Listen, here is the blunt truth of it. Boston F.I.G. 2018 is a small convention in a big city that’s used to massive sized conventions. But even though it was a small experience compared to those larger ones it was still an amazing time. And who knows…it gets bigger and bigger every year. I very much plan on attending next year to see what it has to show off. And for a better look at what Boston F.I.G. 2018 has to offer please watch the below video and enjoy the fun of it.

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