Highlight: Tabletop Tavern Two | Episode 1 | “A Mysterious Summons” | A Pathfinder Epic Adventure

The Tabletop Tavern once again opens for business. In this premier episode our hero’s come together with a common goal. Tune in and find out what that goal is!

Game Master: Decider12 – https://twitter.com/decider12
Mike – Arcturus – https://twitter.com/howinerd
Gamermomluna – Evie https://twitter.com/gamermomluna
Manda_Manda – Shula – http://instagram.com/manda_manda_pog
Dicebarbarian – Orion – https://twitter.com/DiceBarbarian
RemovedDisc – Markt’ov https://twitter.com/DiscRemoved

Live at Twitch.tv/HowiNerd