How I Nerd Media inc | Channel Intro | Welcome to the family.

How I Nerd, is exactly that. It’s us, showcasing different ways we nerd out. We are a group of like minded people with the team goal of putting out quality and enjoyable content. From live streaming, fireside talks, as well as gaming convention coverage. We are excited to show you how we fly our nerd flag high. The team is rowdy, loves having fun and enjoys meeting and interacting with new people. This is a project of passion. It’s a team based project where we have different people streaming on different days as well as collaborative content. So stay a while, get to know us and enjoy the show

Mike – CEO
Luna – CCO
Decider12 – CFO

Graphics & Design work. http://1upmg.com/
Video Editing: George Arauz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3cR_OitEBhV6T9VewnTlQ

Tabletop Tavern
Dungeon Master – Mike
Idabrix – Gamermomluna – Idabrix – https://twitter.com/gamermomluna
Davdithas – Decider12 – https://twitter.com/decider12
Mihaly – YottsTwitch – https://twitter.com/YottsTwitch
Gunner – CycloneJack – https://twitter.com/cykl0ne

Cast Neural Nexus: Zero
Nexus Administrator – Mike – https://twitter.com/howinerd
David Greyson – Loken Plays https://twitter.com/lokenplays
James Dunn Theastropub – https://twitter.com/theastropub
Jesse Raines – Atomic Zero – https://twitter.com/TTV_AtomicZero
Anton Varikov -Doctadoone – https://twitter.com/Doctadoone1
Xero – CykloneJack – https://twitter.com/cykl0ne

Cast Tabletop Tavern Two:
Game Master: Decider12 – https://twitter.com/decider12
Mike – Arcturus – https://twitter.com/howinerd
Gamermomluna – Evie https://twitter.com/gamermomluna
Manda_Manda – Shula – http://instagram.com/manda_manda_pog
Dicebarbarian – Orion – https://twitter.com/DiceBarbarian
RemovedDisc – Markt’ov https://twitter.com/DiscRemoved

Moderators & Staff