Tabletop Tavern Two

Tabletop Tavern Two is the second fantasy installment for Howinerd Media. This time, Decider12 takes on the responsibility of creating an epic for our heroic party. Our second group is a rag-tag bunch of gamers whos experience can be measured in decades. We all came together to share in this epic adventure, linked through our love of gaming and roleplay.

Come along as Decider12 takes us through his craftily orchestrated campaign, Using the Pathfinder Ruleset and Played live every Wednesday from 9 PM until Midnight ET, on the Fantasy Grounds system.

Our goal as a party is to tell a story that we hope you all enjoy, grow our community of like-minded Roleplayers and offer a safe space for people to explore TTRPG content.

From the bottom of our hearts, We would love to welcome you into the Tabletop Tavern and we hope you enjoy our second adventure.

The Cast




DM at the Tabletop Tavern, CEO of Howinerd Media, New England based Nerd, Tattooed Engineer and lover of all things food.


Dungeon Master

Twitch Streamer, Mechwarrior Pilot, Animal Advocate and master of MS Paint.



Yvette “Evie” Hart

  • Social worker by day. Mom, knitter, and gamer by afternoon.  Competitive sleeper at night.


Shula Dawnflower

Manda enjoys TTRPG’s, Video Games, Kittens, Painting, and living her best life. Not necessarily in that order.

Removed Disc

Markt’ov the collector
Removed Disc is a full time student and enjoys rolling dice with friends, cooking and eating food, knitting, and playing video games!




Dice Barbarian

Orion Anagoge Dominyas

Roller of Dice, TTRPG Actor, Army veteran, and Role Play addict.